Monday, 8 February 2010

mon, 08/02/10

peacock feathers are amazing
you could buy some at the wickerman festival haha
but i never cos they would have got destroyed in the tent lol
later realising i could have put them in the car but 
waaaaay to late now haha
im using peacock feathers as a bit of inspiration for my logo
not sure if thats what i will use but hey
im getting there
im a tad early for college so its
mac time for me woop
then maybe some
good old cutting things out
and sticking them into my sketch book
i quite love sketch books now
though i hated them when i was doing advanced higher art
it might be because im not the great artist but i had fun
thats what counts to me anywho haha
this is a large blabber for
something im using to put a photo a day on but hey
may as well hear about my day
and why that is my picture of the day
dont ya think?

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