Sunday, 31 January 2010

sat, 30/01/10

that would be
natalie, nicola and me
we were in franksteins in edinburgh
at this point for lauras 19th birthday
really good night :)

fri 29/01/10

another mates band
i went and saw
i also jamies band play in the same place
was a great night
even tho it did turn into a massive riot
and everyone fighting
other thn tht was good
was a larf

thur 28/01/10


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

wed, 27/01/10

awww this pic still makes me larffff
that would be me and my bro
at the wickerman festival
its a must go btw
its amazzzzzing

tue, 26/01/10

woop went and saw my mates band
in glasgow last night
was really good
such a larff

Monday, 25 January 2010

mon, 25/01/10


hehe i wore it tonight
had a wee drink at the richmond
was a good larf

sun, 24/01/10

im a tad lazy on sundays :p

Thursday, 21 January 2010

thur, 21/01/10

haha its callum being silly
in helens car haha
we have good random drives hehe

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

wed, 20/01/10

lovely asos dress
im just away to pop one in my shopping basket hehe
i likes it

tue, 19/01/10

haha this is one of the pics
from my friday night out hehe
lattte pic but im using it as todays photo of the day
it makes me giggle
that would be me, jack and jacks russian hat
and we were in city falkirk haha :)

Monday, 18 January 2010

mon 18/01/10

note book
a blurrd image
its my wee note book
for college times
i made neat notes for a change hehe
graded unit tomoz tho
scary stuff :O

sun 17/01/10

owl necklace hehe
or a laura
but thts a long story hehe
it matches my bag with the owl
which was on a post before i likes them muchly

sat 16/01/10


fri 15/01/10

i heart russia dolls!
they amaze me muchly
i was out friday night
but i took pictures
of my friends camera
and not got the pics yet

Thursday, 14 January 2010

thur, 14/01/10

haha yeeeee
making a mess in
we had a wee trip to stirling it was a good larf
and then went to a cheeky
wee pub quiz night
team name
its simple, if it jiggles its fat
haha niiiiice

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

mon, 11/01/10

yup its the
fourth railway bridge
i have to drive under it
on my way home from college
so thought i would
and take a photo
it was a tad dull today
so black and white photo
would be my choice
i like it :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

sun 10/01/10

hehe no this isnt a bauld lady
its my manicin
she hasnt been named yet
i really cant think of one
if you can come up with one
that suits
do tell :)

sat, 09/01/10

cutest bag ever
i wanted this bag for years lol
ever since i started going to edinburgh
but when i first got money
it disappeared :O
for agaes but it came back in the shop
hehe and it was the last one
so my x-mas got me it
look how cute it is
plus i can fit all my college
junk in it
and my laptop
yassssss :)

fri, 08/01/10

this is jamie times
he just got a
micro korg
it is awsumzzz
and he got pro tools that day
so he can help me with my audio class
as im not that great at it lol

Thursday, 7 January 2010

thur, 07/01/10

or microbi
as mother dear has decided
i want one though
uber road trip is what i would have
if i had one
a life size one :)
i got my wee car back today
all fixed
we are thinking of calling her
blue bell
for short

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

wed, 06/01/10

i have fixed my internet
and tonight after work i shall buy
batteries for my camera
instead of using my rubbish phone
todays picture is of
one of several dreamcatchers i own
i love them so much
when i was younger
i actually thought they stopped bad dreams
because i never had any hehe
why a dreamcatcher pic?
well today
i have ben filling out my ucas form
thats write im off to uni next year
straight into 3rd year
if i get atleast a B this year
at college
i never thought i would go to uni
its so scary and exciting all at the same time

tue, 05/01/10

mr finger
miss finger

silly times at a friends results in
drawing on ur fingers hehe
this post is a day late
as my internet wouldnt work at all :(
but the picture was taking yesturday
like it was ment to be:)

Monday, 4 January 2010

mon, 04/01/10

this picture is of
one of my mums birthday prezzies
its a moomins alarm clock
as you can see
it is rather awsummm

Sunday, 3 January 2010

sun, 03/01/10

hehe todays picture
is off a silly littl toy i got
at xmas hehe
it makes me giggle
look at its wee face!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

sat, 02/01/10

ahh good old scrumpy :)
thats how i started my year
when the bells went of
me and kieron opened a can each
yummy lurrrrve it
you should all try it:)
it deserves a pic hehe
i noticed they have changed
the look of the cans too though :O

fri, 01/01/10

first photo of the year to start my wee project sort of thing :)
and yes thats feet, well funky wee shoes
thought i should take a picture
as the next time i wear them
the pretty little gems will be gone
and the shoes will be distroyed no doubt
not the most intresting thing
but i never done anything intresting
well i went to a little party
but my camera needs batteries hehe :)

why 365 days?

The plan is too make
a wee project
i have forgotten what its called
afriend told me about it

but its when you take a photo everyday
not of like me but of my day
hence 365 days

im hust doing it for this year
i think it will be intresting
and wuld be nice to see if
i actually stick too it

it was well is my
new years resolution thing
the pictures might not be
posted here on the right dayyy
but i will say the date

leave a comment
have a chat
and a look i dont mind

its just a little
something for me too do