Monday, 23 August 2010

mon 23/8/10

thats me and a dredlock man i met at hive
he is rather awsum lol

sorry for the really late updat of like this month
ive been far too busy partying
at the edinburgh festival
and working
and getting ready for uni


sun 22/8/10


sat 21/8/10


fri 20/8/10

another amazing day at the fringe

thur 19/8/10

i heart the edinburgh festival

wed 18/8/10

my turn haha

tue 17/8/10

ginger joe john and jack
we had a mad day

mon 16/8/10

josh and me lol

sun 15/8/10


sat 14/8/10

fri 13/8/10

me and simon

thur 12/8/10

edinburgh fringe

wed 11/8/10

tue 10/8/10

john and his cock ring...

mon 9/8/10

sean and i

sun 8/8/10

hive times
with friends

sat 7/8/10

fri 6/8/10

bring back memorys?

thur 5/8/10

nicola at opal lounge in edinburgh

wed 4/8/10

tue 3/8/10

mon 2/8/10